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  • Strategic Plan 2017-2022
  • Strategic Plan for Diversity & Inclusion
  • Multiple-Camps Master Plan
  • Strategic Enrollment Plan

Dear Trustees, 
We hope this site serves as a useful tool, providing our board members with a source of information on topics ranging from scheduling to corporate
documents to meeting minutes. Our goal is to assist our trustees by providing a vehicle for a more efficient, convenient and cost-effective flow of information.

If you have any questions about this site, or suggestions for improvement, please contact me at (419) 530-7730 or by email.

As always, thank you for your service to the Foundation. Your skills and efforts benefit not only our organization, but also the University and the entire UT community.  



Brenda S. Lee


  UT Foundation Annual Report   FY2016-2017 [CLICK HERE]


                         Chair -  Connie Zouhary

                  Vice Chair -  Mark Luetke

                   Secretary -  Susan Palmer

                   Treasurer -  John Huber 




Investment Committee

April 30 - Monday, 2:00PM
[new date]

Real Estate Corp.

May 9 - Wednesday, 8:00AM

Finance & Audit Committee

May 18 - Friday, 8:00AM

Committee on Trustees

May 23 - Thursday, 8:00AM

Organization &

May 25 - Friday, 8:00AM

 Executive Committee

June 1 - Friday, 8:00AM


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